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Psychological Assessment and Counseling for Korean living in Singapore

As a Korean living abroad, there are certain privileges, but at the same time, there is always a stressful issues that must be carried. Mindbind provides comfortable and professional psychological assessments and counseling in Korean. We guarantee strict confidentiality and professionalism to help you discuss and solve your psychological problems with me, and to develop the strength to solve them on your own.


Representative & Counselor

Lindsey  Hyunji Kim


  • Clinical Psychologist no.1438 Korean Psychological Association 

  • Clinical Psychologist no. 16201024100J Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor 

  • Early Childhood Educator Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

Professional experience

Mindbind - Founder and CEO, Therapist

June2021 - PRESENT

Yonsei Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea - Clinical Psychologist

National Center for Mental Health, Seoul, Korea - Psychologist Trainee


  • Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Korea —Bachelor's degree

      Child study

  • The Graduate School of Professional Therapeutic Technology Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Korea —Masters Degree                        Child psychological therapy

Counseling information

​All the content of counseling is confidential.

​Resolving your own worries and conflicts

We train the muscles of the mind.


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SMS/ Whatsapp +65 9732 9242


Instagram @mindbindsg


Mindbind Service

"At MindBind, we offer comprehensive psychological assessments (full-battery) and

counseling services to individuals of all ages."

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Psychological Assessments

 "Getting to know myself and our child better" 

Based on clinical experience, licensed clinical psychologists conduct psychological assessments.

These assessments efficiently and objectively identify cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses, which can help individuals understand and cope with everyday difficulties by recognizing their psychological resources.

For children, assessments are conducted with their guardians to identify their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, plan learning strategies, and provide psychological care by identifying emotional states that children may not be able to express verbally.

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​​Psychological Counseling

​being true to myself

Individual counseling is available for all adults, children, and adolescents experiencing psychological problems. We help you discover a mature self by finding underlying psychological causes. We relieve suppressed stress and form healthy self-esteem, rational thinking, and mature emotions through communication. We will put our hearts and minds into bringing changes and benefits to your life through counseling.

Parent counseling is a short-term counseling service for overseas parents with a simple child psychological test and a psychological test for the parent-child relationship to develop solutions for parental stress relief based on the test results.

  • Adult counseling

  • Adolescent counseling

  • Child counseling

  • Parent counseling

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"How should we raise our child?"

Through various parenting books, media, and the internet, we gather a lot of information and

share parenting experiences with those around us to constantly learn about parenting.

While there are no definitive answers to parenting, understanding our child's developmental process can make it much easier.

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Mindbind will help you cope with your psychological problems in a healthier way.

3 Fraser St, #08-30, Duo Tower, Singapore, 189352​​


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